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user testimony

I love this game.....I could have won if not the stupid agant that typed wrong code for me.

Holuhshegun Psahmuel
user testimony

Nice predictons follow this guys @getpredictions...Every other person is a scam.

Chibuzor Buzor Elwin Ojeh
user testimony

Thank you getpredictions it's most greatful winning with you.

Anuradha Afeez
user testimony

You guys are the best out of 16 games yesterday, it's only one that cut me and it's becuase of my stupudity.

Master Ogiji A.
user testimony

I won 5k just know how to select don't play everything the way you see it.

Tete Mokwenye
user testimony

I have won 3 time with there predictions.....mind you I don't choose like 4 winnings....2 over 1.5 and 3 under 3.5 don't mind the odds it brings out......i'm sure you will win that's how I do mine. Best of luck

Olayinka Dayo
user testimony

If you are not selfish you are going to win big with this guys they are the best.

Akinbode Dayo
user testimony

I won over 30,000 naira with this guys' predictions more grease to your elbow guys keep it up.