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1 simply means the home team wins.

2 means the away team wins.

X means the game ends in a draw.

1X means home win or draw.

X2 means away win or draw.

YES means the two teams score in the same match.

NO means either only one team scores or none of the team scores.

UNDER means less than the number of goals given.

OVER means more than the number of goals giving.

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Yes, Getpredictions gives over 30 accurate soccer prediction tips posted on our website on a daily basis absolutely free. No FIFA or International break with Getpredictions.

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At least 4 to 5 times in a Week. Although, we have had several clean sheets i.e 7/7 in time past.

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Thank you for interest in our predictions. You can subscribe to any of our winning plans via bank deposit, online banking, debit cards, online transfer.

Kindly visit https://getpredictions.com.ng/vip/  for more information on how to become a vip member.

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Getpredictions have a team of soccer analyst/prediction maestros which gives the best tips with highest accuracy you can think of. Please confirm our professional efficiency from our website.

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No, we don’t. We give predictions with at least 95% level of confidence and returns on your bets.

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No you can’t, Getpredictions is a soccer prediction site and not a betting site.

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